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Water and power crisis during summer

| Updated: October 24, 2017 09:04:15

Water and power crisis during summer

The summer is on and we have already started facing load shedding at the middle of the night. Frequent power outage leads to shortage of water supply. The combined effect of load shedding, traffic jam and water shortage make life tough for the city dwellers. Rain comes as a temporary relief, but the problems remain unresolved. As the mercury goes up, the problems start tormenting us all over again.  
I hope the city dwellers will make sure they do not use more water and power than necessary as we often we see people use excessive water and keep the lights and air-conditioners on unnecessarily. This is sheer wastage and must be stopped. We must behave as responsible citizens. If we behave responsibly much of our problems will be automatically solved. We should not forget the age old proverb 'waste not, want not'.

Hannar Sarkar

Bonosree, Dhaka

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