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Useful websites you probably didn’t know about

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The Internet can be a very useful place if you can utilise its resources to your own advantage.

Fear of subscription often keeps many users from exploring varieties of useful websites on the Internet. However, there are many sites you can use at free of cost and they will serve you amazingly in your various needs and requirements.

Dictation.io: Dictation.io allows you to dictate emails and documents in any language using Google Chrome. It reliably transcribes speech to text in real-time and uses voice instructions to support smileys, paragraphs, and even punctuation.

If you can talk quicker than you type, this is a useful site to use. Also, this website can be helpful to those who have writing impairment.

Lucidchart: Here's a simple website that turns your information into a nice diagram. It's a fantastic tool for creating flowcharts, task flows, and even wireframes.

You don't need to download any software; you can just work on the webpage. You can create up to three documents for free and collaborate with your team or coworkers from any device. If you require more features, you can upgrade to the paid version.

Bachelorstudies: This website will help you choose a bachelor’s programme or degree based on your preferred nation, language, cost, time commitment, and other factors.

It also includes lists of freshly added programmes as well as top study abroad destinations in your own country. Similar sites offering advanced degrees can be found by clicking on the banner at the top of the page.

Pixlr: Pixlr is a web-based easy-to-use photo editor. It's a simple programme that doesn't require installation and is completely free unless you require more functionality.

You may edit photographs without any complicated tools by working on your favourite browser or downloading the app to your phone.

PDF Escape: This online PDF editor allows you to simply alter a PDF without the need for any additional software. Annotating the file and filling out blanks in a PDF form are two alternatives available.

It's free to use in all major browsers and only costs money if you want to utilise the desktop version or work with large files.

AlternativeTo: Have you ever wanted to use an app but it's either too pricey or doesn't operate on your preferred platform? Maybe you're seeking a replacement for a favourite app that was recently retired. AlternativeTo can aid in these situations.

Simply type in an app or programme and the site will provide similar options. There are both free and paid choices available.

Depending on your workflows, this website can be of amazing help, especially for people who are fed up with paid or subscription-based software for their professional work and are looking for free alternatives.

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