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‘Soft Skills’ by Md Masud released

| Updated: March 13, 2022 14:36:33

‘Soft Skills’ by Md Masud released

The first book on soft skills named "Soft Skills" has been published in Bangladesh. The book will help you to win your career and personal life. The Shamogra Prokashan has published the book which is written by Md Masud.

There is an increasing emphasis on soft skills for success in the workplace. Its impact has been well felt in Bangladesh as well. However, there are essential skills, life skills and transferable skills.

The book explains how to include soft skills in CV and during a job interview for more acceptance by the employer, how to use soft skills to improve your business and enterprise and how to identify and meet objectives and differences between soft and hard skills.

The book also contains in-depth descriptions of soft skills such as communication skills and networking, leadership skills, teamwork, creativity, conflict management and conflict resolution ability, problem-solving ability, ability to work under pressure, time management, adaptability, and positive attitude.

There are relevant ‘Question-Answer’ sessions to get an idea of a reader's level of skill in each of these topics. There are various tips to grow readers' soft skills.

Syed Alamgir, managing director and CEO of Akij Venture Group, Dr Ridhwanul Haq, IBA professor of the University of Dhaka, Publisher Shawkat Ali, author Md Masud and presenter Praggya Halder attended the virtual inauguration ceremony of the book.

At the inauguration ceremony, Syed Alamgir said that although people get the opportunity to learn hard skills from their schools, colleges and universities, there is not much opportunity to learn soft skills. But there is no substitute for soft skills to move forward in the workplace. He expressed the hope that the book will play a role in the improvement of everyone's life, noting that there is no substitute for soft skills to combat the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Ridhwanul Haq termed soft skills as life skills and spoke about the significant role of soft skills in making life self-sufficient and living with dignity. He added that these skills not only contribute to success in professional life but also play an important role in maintaining a work-life balance.

Shawkat Ali said that there was no soft skill book written about the context of Bangladesh before. Mentioning that this book has filled that gap, he expressed his determination to do more in this regard.

Md Masud thanked everyone involved with the book publication. He spoke about his book writing experience and various significant parts of the book.

The book includes commentaries by Syed Alamgir and Ridhwanul Haq. The book is available at various places including Prothoma.com, Rokomari.com and SkillAid Bangladesh.

It is also available at the Shamogra Prokashan's stall at Amar Ekushey Book Fair-2022 (Stall No. 447/ 5-6).

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