Rangpur-Dinajpur highway accident

| Updated: October 24, 2017 03:27:33

Rangpur-Dinajpur highway accident

It is indeed sad and shocking that 12 valuable lives were lost on the Rangpur-Dinajpur highway. What is more unfortunate is the fact that the accident could have been avoided had the drivers not been driving recklessly.  If as passengers we warn the drivers against rash driving, many accidents could be avoided. The drivers could be prevented from driving recklessly if we put a collective pressure on them. When we travel by bus, we should protest if the bus driver is driving too fast and our collective pressure can save many lives and prevent many accidents from taking place.  
Often the passengers are found mindless about how the drivers are driving or should they be requested to drive slower. This may eventually take longer time to reach our destination, but we must not forget that life is more precious than time. In the case under reference two passenger buses collided with each other as a result of rash driving and caused death and injuries. There were many passengers travelling on the roof top which caused further death and injuries. In this way, every year, thousands of lives are lost in road accidents. We must make our roads safe for the commuters. Let us create massive awareness among the people about the importance of road safety as roads and highways now prove to be death traps for commuters.


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