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Making a life plan

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How is it like to have a planned lifestyle? Is it totally, fully organised? Having a bucket list of things makes life easier. A plan is a gateway to "what I need to do." At times, we are messier than we think because we are unclear inside our heads about what we need to do. However, if we are plan-oriented, we already have things figured out about the process, and we only need to do the work. Life gives chances, takes away chances, gives heartaches and what not? Life has it all. However, when we want to decide on something or move forward, we plan. A plan is required to make a call for action.  Had a plan been so easy! Whatever we do, life keeps on getting big. Our watchers grow, and criticisms accompanied by difficult situations come along.

There are statistical experiments to prove anything today, for example, if an organ transplant increases the chance of getting carcinogenic cells and which hour of the day is the most feeling-like-sleeping one. Probably, data science and statistics could also figure out how much effective plans impact one's life. Well, neuroscience says when we try to make an effort to do something, our brain subconsciously prepares for the task beforehand. Our brain prepares for a contingency plan. However, this time it is not a conscious effort from the brain.

Learning to bake a cake seems like a hobby at first, but when you plan to do it with your own hands, you are hands-on in dealing with the steps of baking a cake. You eventually get there and bake something. At first trials, things might not be as beautiful as on an expert level. However, it gets better with time, and it gives you the pleasure of finishing off a task.  We cannot let go of bad habits within a day. Nevertheless, we can make a systematic approach to get to our destination. If someone is thinking of having a bank balance and cut off wastefulness first, then she or he needs to figure out what are the things that cause the lavishness. If someone is willing to have a healthier life, a well-planned combination of diet, rest, and exercise needs to be there.

Do you still think you need someone else to plan for you? After all, not everyone is able to make the best decisions in their life by themselves. A planner is usually someone who is a very good financial analyst and has professional degrees to verify their stance behind every calculative decision they make for you. They can help one manage their assets and making a good retirement savings options plan. But not everyone can afford one. So what are other options or free alternatives?

Sadia Hoque, an entrepreneur from Dhaka and a BBA graduate from the University of Liberal Arts, Dhaka, shared her opinion on how her life changed after sticking to her old plan, and she was confident from the start. She used the metaphor of a bugless code, as she learnt from her brother, who was very much hardworking. The plans we make cannot fail or disappoint us if there are no bugs like codes. A bugless code could run anywhere at any time, and one needs to make it optimal to run at any compiler given any situation.

So, talking into the way of a bugless plan, how does that happen? According to Sadia, life has strict measures as always there is a shortage of time at hand as we find ourselves developing with age. She has a habit of writing down everything she plans to do the next day. She follows them relentlessly until she completed all of the listed errands. The results made her happy. She could earn, manage time and live a happy life. Having a plan sings along with everything you intend to do.

Tulona Noman, a student of the English Department, East West University, Dhaka, believes no one can give her the life she wants, and so she wants to be a planner and maker to get to what she wants in the best way possible. Plans you make can also include bursts of energy and sudden tricks, according to her.

The feeling of completion is beyond a normal-level satisfaction. Having a goal will help you meet your ends. It is always positive. Having a bucket list also indicates that a well-organised thought is present in your mind, and you are ready to do what you need to. So someone who is ready to plan can do something whenever there is a need. Even a fresh new pair of jeans would require good planning. All that is needed is some great architecture of steps. It does not always have to be an I-am-going-to-London-for-Postgraduation type of plan. If you are late to board the plane to get to London, all of your efforts will be in vain. So, there needs a wake-up-on-time plan too. And with all these combined in your plan, you could get things done easily in life!

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