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Lack of greenery and summer heat

| Updated: October 24, 2017 11:44:12

Lack of greenery and summer heat

WE are experiencing a blistering summer as the mercury rises and there is no sign of rain. Water shortage and load-shedding have already made life difficult for the city dwellers. Particularly elderly people and young children are having a hard time to cope with this extreme summer heat.

Under the circumstances, only rain can bring some relief for us.

According to forecasts by the weather office, shower is likely to come after Bangla New Year which is only a day away. It goes without saying that the common people are waiting eagerly for the soothing touch of rain.


The mercury rise is partly attributable to massive deforestation all over the country. We must understand that if we want to bring positive changes in our environment, we have to concentrate on forestation and bring about green revolution in the country.


The country which used to be famous worldwide for its expansive greenery and known as a well watered and well fruited land, has painfully lost its greenery and water bodies over the years due to unplanned urbanisation.


Most of the trees has been chopped and replaced by widespread concrete structures. All these are contributing to rising mercury and making room for excessive heat.


It is high time that appropriate steps were taken to restore the lost greenery and water bodies in the city and across the country to arrest the increasing trend of temperature.

Imran Aziz
Niketon, Dhaka

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