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How UK man got a job at his dream company by recycling their flyers

| Updated: February 06, 2022 13:24:53

How UK man got a job at his dream company by recycling their flyers

Anxious about the job applications? Frustrated over the lack of response? Beating yourself up because of the mistakes you made in your interview?

Yes, we have all been there. These negative feelings can overburden your mind with gloom. Especially because of the rising competitiveness in the job market.

Yet, there’s always room for creativity in getting your foot across the door, and maybe, even a job.

This is exactly what a British man from Yorkshire did to get hired at his dream company.

Jonathan Swift, 24, aspired to get a marketing job at the printing firm, InstantPrintUK. It was a competitive role for which over 140 people had applied.

But, instead of sending his resume via email in the traditional way, Jonathan did something different.

He recycled the flyers of the company to print his resume. He even added a QR link to his LinkedIn profile on the flyers.

Rattling his brains for further creativity, Jonathan then decided to plaster the cars on the parking lot of InstantPrintUK with those flyers.

His antics were caught on CCTV cameras by the company authorities - who were very impressed.

Craig Wassell, Marketing Manager of the company, loved getting this creative job application, reported Mirror UK. He even tweeted about it on the official Twitter page of InstantPrintUK.

Jonathan got his job and the news of this out-of-the-box hiring has spread across social media like wildfire.

One person commented on the Instagram profile of Tatva India who shared this story, “Older problems require Modern Solutions.”

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