Facing crises and blows of decay

| Updated: August 14, 2022 22:57:30

Facing crises and blows of decay

In spite of the unsparing media and civil society's lambasting of the jaywalkers, the compulsive lot in particular, the sickening practice goes on. In the earlier times, the crossing of the vital city roads by the passersby would be undertaken through normally daredevil means. Those comprised wrong and illegal ways, especially running across a traffic-filled road. With the strips, commonly known as road islands, in place on the major roads, the reckless jaywalkers became so desperate that they took the habit of walking through the normally fenced central reservations.

In a few days, the road transport authorities turned quite serious in stopping the menace of crossing roads in a wrong manner. They placed barbed wire fencings on the stretches of the major islands; in places having enough space the city people saw construction of concrete barriers. But all the efforts aimed at making the jaywalkers abide by the relevant laws and remain safe turned futile. Giving a disdainful look at the foot over-bridges within sight, they proved themselves veritably wild as they now started scaling the waist-high walled barricades on the islands. Stunningly, it was a section of devil-may-care women who showed their skill in climbing and crossing the walls, compelling teenage children to wriggle through the spaces kept between the concrete walls. Many of the adult women and men were seen facing road mishaps as they sprang into the other side of a road without noticing the rushing vehicles. All this began happening frequently on the flyovers.

How could the experts excelling in behavioural science explain this terrible practice of disrespecting law? As the disillusioned and utterly disgusted segments in society view it, the seeds of these actions remain hidden in a number of these jaywalkers. They are not lodged in any subterranean level of the gene of these people. One need not turn to the anthropological discipline of atavism to search for the roots of these flairs for anarchy. One may not look backward stretching for generations to locate the causes of these deviant practices. The visibly suicidal penchant could be traced to the ambience of violence and in utter defiance of everything representing an orderly life. Abiding by normal social norms and mores doesn't cost anything. Yet a section of people throw its weight behind everything which is deviant, goes against the majority's reverence for peace, symmetry and coherence.

To the misfortune of this country, the agents of chaos and filth continue to get an upper hand. Those who climb the stairs of an over-bridge at high noon in order to avert the confrontation with law and order become objects of lampooning and pity by the habitual law flouters. On the other hand, some elements rationalise the speeding of their vehicles despite the lowered level-crossing bars. Accidents due to the duty dodging of the guards concerned do happen. The lackadaisical performance of the authorities in charge is also there. Notwithstanding these systemic drawbacks, the flaunting of heroism by moving through the rail tracks, with a train approaching fast, goes on unabated. These trends and similar others have long warranted the necessity to let them be bound by the social fabric. It ought not to be re-emphasised that the veritably decaying Bangladesh society is badly in need of youthful renaissance men. It's only the youth who can usher in changes. Auspiciously, there are scores of these youths gifted with the spirit for change.

This society shouldn't feel defeated, as its fighters have always been on a war footing. The problem is the Satanic forces also remain awake. Misguidance of the positive forces of youth with irresistible temptations from the long-known villains remains a nightmare. But where are the wise people whom the dreamers can turn to?

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