Earthly wars vs. cosmic cataclysm

Earthly wars vs. cosmic cataclysm

The world created yet another history on two days in 1977 in its space explorations. Humanity made a small leap towards a series of seemingly endless expeditions, when it landed on moon. It occurred July 20, 1969. The 1977 space odyssey comprised the launch of two spacecraft --- Voyager-1 (launched Sept 5, 1977) and Voyager-2 (Aug 20, 1977). Those two space probes were sent into deep space with a view to detecting if there were any signs of response to the endless signals sent from NASA, the US space administration. Scientists have so far been satisfied at the continued reception of various types of signals from the outer space --- lying beyond our solar system. It has continued for the last 45 years

Of late, it has been found that one of the two space probes, meant to explore the cosmos beyond our known galaxies is sending strange signals. Space scientists at the NASA ground stations are feeling puzzled. Of the two space probes, it was the Voyager-1 which had started sending signals not received in the last four-and-half decades. The space probe operators, NASA astrophysicists and the other related researchers are sitting glued to their TV screens --- baffled. A number of others are evidently excited. What has triggered their feeling of being thrilled is the possibility of getting signals from a distant galaxy, lying far beyond ours.

The other galaxy explorer --- Voyager-2, is behaving as expected. Scientists believe in the distant future, after a space-based communication is established, the world might undergo radical change in all spheres of life. If the possibility of new life-forms comes true, and they are proved hostile, it will bring about changes in relations between nations. This development might either forge a strong unity among the earthlings or drive wedges between them. In case, the aliens in other galaxies prove more developed than humans, and want to create their civilisations after the models of creatures born before or after them, there might be fears of ego clashes. However, according to many space scientists, there are few chances of clashes between the two different forms of civilisations. In all likelihood, hostilities would be a distant possibility. Human traits and intelligence matured over thousands of years after the dawn of history are now averse to clashes. The world is tired of conflicts. It's time mankind began the search for the elusive key to peace.

Maybe, the Voyager-1 probe has stumbled upon favourable signals spread by the beings inhabiting the distant galaxies. Upon receiving the cryptic and unintelligible messages, efforts might be on at NASA to decipher the contents of the signals. The US space agency cannot be expected to come up with the interpretation of the messages so early. They never had. It's plainly because any wrong interpretation of the messages might invite apocalyptic catastrophes for the whole mankind. The earth might witness the invaders from outer-space-based exo-planets wipe humans out with their non-nuclear yet more lethal weapons. Given this, our conventional regional wars might prove smoothly manageable.

 A great confusion stems from the fact that the other space probe of Voyager-2 is behaving normally. Since its launch in the late seventies, it hasn't deviated from its programmed functions. Maybe, it's on its right path. Many may have forgotten that the probes are fitted with the pictures of the flags of all nations of the world. Moreover, they are carrying the facsimile of the world's major languages, including Bangla. The problem is the two sides are completely ignorant of each other. Assumably, the inhabitants of the planets hundreds of light years away from each other might not be too impulsive to adopt hostile stances towards each other. Goodwill gestures and the invitation to peaceful co-existence extended by the earthlings should bear no ambiguity.

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