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Dilu Road needs urgent repair

| Updated: October 24, 2017 07:18:54

Dilu Road needs urgent repair

The inhabitants of Dilu Road at Eskaton are having a tough time as the road is totally broken and no steps are being taken in this regard. The road was dug for utility line repair and has been left like that for months together. As a result, people living in the area are facing enormous problems every day.  A little rain creates a lot of sufferings for the people and they have no way out but to suffer. The road is in such a bad shape that it is very difficult for people to move and there is always a long trail of traffic there.
It is indeed an irony of fate that we often see the water authority to a road for certain repair work and leave after completing their work leaving the road in a broken down state. I hope the Dhaka city corporations, water and electricity authorities will enhance the coordination among themselves so that the common people do not have to face undue sufferings.  The concerned authorities must ensure that after a road is dug for certain work, it should be repaired immediately after the work is completed. Any road left unrepaired for a long time has a chain effect on surrounding localities. It causes serious inconveniences for people of nearby areas apart from creating undesirable traffic congestion in the area. I hope the concerned authorities will take early action and repair Dilu road immediately to end the sufferings of the people of the area.
Mohammed Fahim
Moghbazar, Dhaka

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