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Bangladeshi movie songs

| Updated: October 23, 2017 17:39:10

Bangladeshi movie songs

I remember during 80s and 90s the Bangladeshi movie songs were hugely popular among the mass people but nowadays we don't see Bangladeshi movie songs being popular and it seems the quality and standard of Bangladeshi movie songs have deteriorated.


Music directors like Azad Rahman, Robin Ghosh, Alam Khan, Alauddin Ali, Satya Saha  are missing from our music industry. We see a poor copy of Hindi music and when the common people can enjoy the original music why they would go for its copy version?


The songs of yesteryear used to touch the chord of our heart, but now song lyrics are hollow and melody also absent. Still,  I would love to enjoy old songs of Bangladeshi movie in Youtube and it makes me nostalgic.


Often we hear remix of old Bangladeshi movie songs and it proves its popularity even among the today's generation. I remember I used to watch a movie several times just because of its extraordinary music.


I hope today's movie makers will bring good music in their movies which touches the heart of the common people and bring back the old glory of Bangladeshi movie music one again!   


Imran Aziz Niketon Dhaka

Mohammed Sohel Hara Bonosree Dhaka.

[email protected]

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