‘LPG industry needs a strong regulator’

M. M. Jasim Uddin M. M. Jasim Uddin

Demand for Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) risen significantly in Bangladesh with growth of over 42 per cent to 45 per cent. Eleven private sector companies are working in the LPG sector with Bashundhara being the oldest. So far the government has offered about 40 licenses in Bangladesh but giving licenses to companies in the LPG sector is not enough. Logistic strength of the companies will play a significant role to available required/ sufficient products countrywide, said Mr. M. M. Jasim Uddin, Head of Marketing - Bashundhara LP Gas Ltd. & Sundarban Industrial Complex Ltd.

He also said, an organisation has to be set-up to regulate the industry properly as well as to determine the market trend. Besides, mass awareness among the users should be created to support the growth of Bangladesh's LPG industry.

Awareness is needed to change the consumption pattern of the people and boost the LPG as a convenient fuel in households and commercial projects. Being the pioneer in the private LPG business, Bashundhara frequently initiate several awareness campaign to influence the users towards LPG. Subsequently Bashundhara LPG launched a new communication campaign named ÒeQ‡i AwZwi³ 30 w`b, mvaviY Pzjvi Av¸b †_‡K wcÖqRb‡K gyw³ w`bÓ concentrating on semi urban and rural people and got a good response from the audience regarding the campaign said Mr. M. M. Jasim Uddin.

Bashundhara LP Gas also perform social awareness campaigns named "Nirapod Nibash" to make people understand the obvious financial and environmental benefits of LPG use, the safety measures they should be following - especially made effort to educate the homemakers about the safe usage of LPG cylinders. And this safety campaign on our part is a yearly affair that earned a notable appreciation for the company.

He said, being a subsidiary of one of the country's most well revered conglomerates, Bashundhara Group, since the start in the year of 1999, Bashundhara sets a benchmark for Bashundhara LPG. No matter what it takes, we would be the epitome of 'standard' and 'reliability' for the people and the country. This guiding principle has been in place since then, and that inspires us every single day to cross past our own achievements in the LPG sector.

Jasim Uddin said, Bashundhara forayed into the LPG industry to set 'industry benchmarks'. Being the pioneer, Bashundhara started off with immense responsibilities. Bashundhara went on founding country's biggest LPG storage plant and other such satellite plants to make sure we can store as much as we need for our end-users. Bashundhara has set up the biggest cylinder manufacturing plant with well-equipped laboratory to make sure each and every end-user of this country gets the safest cylinders produced by the most skilled technical teams.

Bashundhara went on to create the single largest LPG distribution network of this country to make sure its brand reaches to every nook and cranny of this country. Bashundhara have dedicated dealers and distributors who are literally stationed everywhere of this country. Bashundhara also have enough logistic (road tanker, customized truck) support to reach the product countrywide with ensuring competitive price. Note that, presently the pricing of Bashundhara LPG is much lesser that other pear brands.    

He mentioned, only to compete in the market, several companies imported low-quality LP Gas cylinders from abroad and raised questions about the maintenance procedure of those imported cylinders.

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