Will Robert Lewandowski fit in Xavi's system?

Rassiq Aziz Kabir | Wednesday, 18 May 2022

Robert Lewandowski has decided not to extend his contract with Bayern Munich and according to most of the sources, is close to making a move to FC Barcelona.

With Xavi Hernandez at the helm, Barcelona are currently going through a rebuilding process and are in dire need of a regular goalscorer in the absence of Messi.

Sure, getting  Aubameyang has assuaged the situation a bit, but for Barcelona to be recognised again as a top club and in order to again become competitive in Europe, they need a replacement for Messi, which is virtually impossible.

The closest to it is getting Lewandowski, a striker who can guarantee at least 40 goals per season, considering his spectacular form in European football in the past few seasons.

Lewandowski is familiar with Xavi's style of football indirectly, as he played under Pep Guardiola for quite a long time which added some aspects to his game like excelling in tight spaces as well as improving passing accuracy.

So, theoretically, he would not have much problem under Xavi, as the basic approach to football of both the managers are more or less the same.

Xavi also emphasises a lot on the flanks which is clearly visible through Ousmane Dembele's excellent run of form under him, this is something Lewandowski has also been used to for a long time, courtesy of playing under coaches who prefer high-pressure systems like Flick, Heynckes and Nagelsmann.

FC Barcelona will also have a striker who has a massive advantage aerially, something which the club is lacking for a long time.

Barcelona's fluid football with multiple young midfielders like Pedri, Gavi and De Jong make sure that a lot of chances are created per game. But post-Messi, most of them are not being utilised. The acquisition of Lewandowski from Bayern Munich will ensure the fact that a huge number of those chances are converted into goals.

Lewandowski, despite almost nearing his mid-thirties, is showing no signs of stopping and considering all the facts, Lewandowski and Barcelona could be a match made in heaven.

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