Stopping private tuition

Saturday, 9 April 2016

The initiative of the government to stop private tuition or coaching is appreciable. This initiative will help bring equity in education system in the country. Before implementing the new law, the authority is requested to find out the reasons why private tuition or coaching at almost all levels of education from primary to tertiary levels is so rampant in our country. In our school life in the 50's we had very little scope for private tuition or coaching. But now things have changed a lot. Some guardians have unlimited money. They do not know where and how to spend so much money. On the other hand, there are guardians who cannot afford the cost of private tuition. As a result, a gap has been created between the rich and poor students.  
There are several thousand schools and colleges in the country. The teachers of some institutions enjoy benefits of monthly payment order (MPO), but a large number of the teachers are deprived of such benefits. Those teachers earn their living mainly through private coaching. The authority should take care of them as they are also the citizens of the country and deserve equal facilities. The best way to bring equity in education is to nationalise the whole education system.


Prof. Lutfor Rahman,

Stamford University Bangladesh, Dhaka

[email protected]