Project Woh Paal: A Bangladeshi production with international artists

Md. Zahidur Rabbi | Saturday, 27 November 2021

An international collaboration project called ‘Woh Paal’ has been composed by musicians from four countries - Bangladesh, the USA, Argentina and Austria. It is a soft, classical and R&B genre song mixed in Bengali and Hindi languages.

Three young Bangladeshi singers - Shoddo Khan, Rangan Riddo and Zawad Khalid have given voice to the song with the tunes and lyrics of Shoddo Khan. The music of the song has been produced by Mohammad Salauddin. 

Brand ambassador of the popular guitar company Gibson Guitar, Argentine musician Lucciano Pizzichini along with American musician Matthew Meyers, brand ambassador of MTD, GHS Strings, Tsunami Cables, and Austrian guitarist Alex Siedler, played the guitar for this track.

From the left Alex on Riff Guitar, Matthew Meyers on Bass Guitar and Lucciano Pizzichin on Lead Guitar

The three guitarists expressed their gratitude and hope that the melody and music of this song catches listeners’ attention. They are interested in working on collaborations like this in future as well.

Musician and lyricist Zawad Khalid, who is the main organiser of the collaboration, said, "We hope this song composed by four countries will have a place in the minds of the listeners. As Bangladeshi, we feel happy and proud. We want Bangladeshi language and music to have a place in all parts of the world.”

The sibling duo in the project Shoddo and Riddo said, "Hopefully, everyone will like this song. We want to present more songs like this to the audience." 

The song has been released on all international streaming platforms through an American music distribution company named Quantize Music Entertainment.

The lyrical version of the song has been released on Zawad Khalid's official YouTube channel.

When asked about his experience of interacting with foreign artists, Zawad Khalid said,

“I talked over social media. I saw Luciano's video on YouTube before. From a very young age, this boy has been playing guitar with exceptional skills. From then on, it seemed that a collab project could be done with him. Matthew and Alex were already on my friend list. So when I told them the plan for the project, they agreed.”

“Shoddo had already tuned the lyrics. But we could not find the perfect female voice. Then his younger sister Riddo came along. With her voice, Mohammad Salauddin started making the music and from there, step by step our project progressed and finally transformed into a full song,” added Zawad.

Zawad Khalid has been working in the world of music since childhood. He learned his first song from his mother. 

The song "Ki Hoto Bole Gele" written by him in 2019 was widely acclaimed in the voice of popular Bangladeshi singer and actor Tahsan Khan.

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