Pirojpur man arrested during his wedding ceremony

Sunday, 3 July 2022

A man in Pirojpur's Mothbaria has been arrested at his own wedding a day after he had been released by police due to confusion over his name.

A native of Mothbaria's Amorbunia, 35-year-old Babu Talukdar, aka Russel, had a warrant out for his arrest in a case started in Sylhet a decade ago, according to Kamrul Islam, a sub-inspector of Mothbaria Police Station, reports bdnews24.com.

Acting on a tip-off, Mothbaria police had initially arrested him in Baheratala on Jun 30.

But the suspect's family, with the help of the local UP chairman, provided 'false' documents to show that his name was 'Babu' rather than 'Russel', which appeared on the warrant.

 “The man was arrested as Russel. But a document certified by the Dhanisafa Union Parishad chairman showed his name as Babu. As the names mismatched, police released him," Kamrul said.

Dhanisafa UP Chairman Md Harun Talukdar admitted that he issued the certificate, but said he was unaware that the man concealed his identity behind two first names.

The suspect is also the nephew of Tushkhali UP Chairman Shahjahan Howladar. He said that Russel had recently returned home from abroad. As his wedding was scheduled for Jul 1, the chairman requested the police to release him ‘on humanitarian grounds’.

 “Police said there was an arrest warrant for Russel. Later I came to know that he was released after the Dhanisafa chairman issued a certificate,” said Talukdar.

In the meantime, police confirmed that the man they had released was in fact the suspect they were after. They later apprehended him again at his wedding in Boroshoula village on Jul 1.

 “The incident happened because the UP chairman issued a certificate saying the man was Babu. But the police kept an eye on him and arrested him again after confirming his identity,” said Md Nurul Islam Badol, chief of Mothbaria Police Station.

Russel was later sent to jail by a magistrate on Saturday.