BPC receiving bids to import 1.23m tonnes of refined petroleum products

FE REPORT | Sunday, 18 April 2021

State-run Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) is now receiving bids to import up to 1.23 million tonnes of diesel, jet fuel, furnace oil, octane and marine fuel combined during the July-December period of 2021.

It is 18.75 per cent higher compared to that of the previous year.

The BPC is eyeing to import more refined petroleum products during H2, 2021 expecting higher consumption although the coronavirus cases are on the rise in Bangladesh like many other countries across the globe, said a senior BPC official.

Of the total petroleum products, the BPC will be importing 990,000 tonnes of diesel, 120,000 tonnes of jet fuel, 20,000 tonnes of furnace oil, 45,000 tonnes of octane and 60,000 tonnes of marine fuel through the tender during H2, 2021.

The bid submission deadline is May 11, 2021. The validity of the offers should be until September 7, 2021.

The bid winning suppliers will have to make delivery of the petroleum products to Chattogram.

The BPC will be importing the refined petroleum under five different packages dividing the quantity and types of petroleum products under different categories.

Currently, the BPC has been importing 1.25 million tonnes of refined oil products, which include 990,000 tonnes of diesel, 120,000 tonnes of jet fuel, 45,000 tonnes of octane, 80,000 tonnes of marine fuel, and 20,000 tonnes of furnace oil during the January-June period of 2021 from Unipec Singapore Pte Ltd and Vitol Asia Pte Ltd under tendering.

Premium rates under tendering for H1, 2021 are US$1.85 per barrel $1.75 per barrel for diesel, $2.88 per barrel for jet fuel, $20.88 per tonne for furnace oil and $4.95 per tonne for octane, and $28.48 per tonne for marine fuel.

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