Bangladeshi youth receives Diana Award 2021

 Fabiha Maimuna | Sunday, 11 July 2021

Sagar Mazumder, a Bangladeshi graduate, receives the ‘Diana Award 2021’ along with 18 other changemakers from Bangladesh. He gets honoured by this prestigious international award for youths as the chief operating officer (COO) of Nerdiz, the country’s first virtual-reality learning platform for all levels of students.

The aim of Nerdiz is to develop the education sector of Bangladesh through high-tech inventions like virtual reality (VR) by taking it to every student of Bangladesh. Nerdiz so far has reached 40,000 students from 27 districts of Bangladesh with various lessons and significant events related to history, geography, science and so on.

The Diana Award was introduced in memory of the People’s Princess, Princess Diana, to honour young changemakers of the world, aged between 9 to 25. It is currently monitored by Prince Willam and Harry, for youths with outstanding capabilities in humanitarian work. To be eligible for this award, one has to have a unique change-making initiative run for at least 12 months. This year, the Diana Award has been delivered to the changemakers through a virtual ceremony.

While sharing his ecstasy, Sagar said, “I feel truly humbled and great to receive the Diana award 2021 as a Bangladeshi citizen and working in the development sector. Having the award is a beginning of a long-lasting commitment to my deeds of working towards more realistic responsibilities for creating an impact and carrying forward the legacy of Princess Diana.”

When asked about the future plans of Nerdiz, Sagar told that Nerdiz does not want to limit its possibilities within just one project. In fact, they want to expand through multiple other projects, all the schools, sustainable partnerships with different stakeholders in the community, and work with the students with special needs. They want to expand in different other sectors like healthcare, and training programmes in different industries globally, because Sagar believes that changes should be brought at all stages.

Finally, Sagar delivers a message for the youth, “Whatever we do in life, we should always remember to create value for ourselves and others in our community through our actions. Now, how are we going to create value? It totally depends on us.”

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