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Rizvi blames police for assaults

| Updated: November 15, 2018 20:35:05

Rizvi blames police for assaults

BNP’s Senior Joint Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi has alleged that police have assaulted the party’s leaders and activists in front of their headquarters in Dhaka's Naya Paltan without any provocation.

“The police shot at our brothers without any provocation; they beat and used teargas against them,” he claimed.

The BNP leader made the comments an hour after BNP supporters and police clashed on the third day of the party’s nomination form sale on Wednesday, reports bdnews24.com.

“I think the police attacked us at the government's bidding, at the suggestion of the head of government,” Rizvi alleged.

“But we will not destroy peace. I strongly condemn the police attack that came without any provocation.”

Rizvi said, “The acting chairman and the secretary general of our party have advised you to stay peacefully on the footpath. Do not go back to the streets. Make sure that there are no traffic obstructions. No-one should walk on the streets.”

 “Do not fall into a trap, regardless of the level of provocation by the government. Stay on the footpath and help out with the nomination form sale. Stay still like the Himalaya mountains.”

Referreing to the police, he said, “Why have you kicked over the beehive? You think that the nationalistic force will go underground out of fear. No, we will not. From every drop of blood will emerge thousands of nationalistic forces. You cannot contain us with your batons and teargas.”

"I want to request the law enforcement agencies not to participate in any wrongdoing. You are the children of this country, you are our relatives. In trying to protect the interests of a party, do not carry out activities that destroy peace and threaten democracy.”

After the speech, the leaders and workers gathered in front on the BNP central office and chanted slogans in the name of Khaleda Zia and Tarique Rahman.

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