Fakhrul urges PM to clarify her stance on Murad’s offensive comments

| Updated: December 07, 2021 20:05:13

Fakhrul urges PM to clarify her stance on Murad’s offensive comments

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir urged Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to clarify her stance on offensive comments made by State Minister for Information Dr Murad Hassan against the Zia family.

“A very disgusting, derogatory and indecent campaign has been carried out on social media against the Zia family by an infamous person. I’ve heard he was a doctor probably from Jamalpur’s Sarishabari… shame on him,” he said while speaking at a discussion on Monday.

Fakhrul said the junior minister made a "dangerous" comment that he does everything at the behest of the Prime Minister and she knows everything that he says.

“From this meeting, I want to ask the Prime Minister to clarify whether it’s true or a lie. You’ve to explain it as it’s your responsibility to protect the security of people and their dignity as Prime Minister. At the same time, we also want to know your government’s stance when a minister can make such an awful statement in the media involving you (PM),” the BNP leader said.

He also alleged that the current government is destroying the country’s culture, sense of courtesy and long tradition. “You’ve already destroyed politics in the country. Will you now ruin the minimum values and respect for our mothers and sisters? ”

Fakhrul strongly protested and denounced the indecent comments of Dr Murda.

Pro-BNP student leaders of All-Party Students Unity (Apsu) of the 90s arranged the programme at the Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh marking the Democracy Day commemorating the fall of autocratic ruler HM Ershad in 1990.

The BNP leader said the freedom fighters liberated Bangladesh in 1971 and the student leaders created a mass upsurge against the autocracy in the 90s to build a democratic, independent and civilised country. “The current government, led by Sheikh Hasina, turned it into an uncivilised, obscene, disrespectful country."

Murad was involved with Chhatra Dal

Fakhrul regretted that Dr Murad was once involved with Chhatra Dal, the BNP’s student body. “He was the publicity secretary of Chhatra Dal at Mymensingh Medical College. He later joined Chhatra League.”

However, Dhaka south city unit Jubo Dal convener Golam Mawla Shaheen, who was there in the audience gallery, instantly protested Fakhrul’s comment and urged him to withdraw it as he claimed Murad had never any involvement with Chhatra Dal.

In reply, Fakhrul said, “Don’t talk nonsense. You don’t know about it.”

As Shaheen continued shouting, Fakhrul repeatedly asked him to stop, creating chaos. Later, the party’s other senior leaders brought the situation under control and convinced Shaheen to remain silent.

Standing by his comment, Fakhrul said it is unfortunate that Dr Murad did the politics of Chhatra Dal once. “Later he became the leader of Chhatra League and its president (of Mymensingh Medical College unit). It’s unfortunate that such a boy was there in Chhatra Dal at that time.”

Earlier, BNP standing committee member Mirza Abbas said a person was hired from the footpath and inducted into the cabinet due to the degradation of the government.

“The people of Bangladesh don't want to see ministers from footpaths and they don’t want to see the thieves, swindlers and those take bribes as ministers. People also don't want to hear their rubbish comments,” he said.

Abbas said making indecent remarks against Khaleda Zia, who is fighting for life, and her family members can't be tolerated. “We won’t tolerate such comments… the Secretariat of Bangladesh has been desecrated by giving such dirty person a place in the cabinet.”

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