BNP desperate to take dark paths to regain power, Quader says

| Updated: August 21, 2021 20:22:45

The photo was taken from Facebook The photo was taken from Facebook

Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader on Sunday said BNP is desperate to take any dark path to regain power.

"The BNP is desperate to regain the lost power. So they want to take the country to the depths of darkness again, but the people will not give that opportunity to the BNP anymore," he said.

Quader said this while addressing a discussion meeting on the occasion of the founding anniversary of the Awami Hawkers League on Bangabandhu Avenue this afternoon. He joined the programme virtually from his official residence, reports UNB.

The AL leader also assumed that the BNP has practised and is resorting to all the dark ways to get back to power.

He said the people were late in recognising the BNP but now their true face is clear to them.

The general secretary of the Awami League commented that BNP wants to weaken the independent state for the sake of power, saying that they are going against the government and the country and the nation using communalism, opposition to India, and use of religion as a political shield.

Quader also said the BNP skipped from the election as it did not believe in democracy. The BNP has now forgotten to reveal the truth while criticising the government.

Mentioning that Bangladesh is now a developing country under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the Awami League leader said that besides increasing the economic capacity of the country, the efficiency of budget implementation has also increased.

Reminding the BNP of their rule, Quader said that before formulating the budget every year, the BNP finance minister had to rush to the meeting of the donor group like a beggar.

He also commented that the budget would have been based on the mercy of the donors.

Mentioning that Bangladesh has turned around under the able and forward-looking leadership of Sheikh Hasina, he further said that the budget is being formulated on the basis of its own resources and not foreign dependence.

Quader claimed that the BNP was denying the achievements of the country and the nation while blindly criticising the government.

He said the BNP is also denying the socio-economic success of the people of Bangladesh.

Mentioning that the seeds of corruption and irregularities were sown in the country during the rule of BNP, the general secretary of Awami League said that BNP is the bearer and patron of irregularities, corruption and misrule.

 Quader said that BNP has not stopped their conspiracy against the country. So the BNP is making baseless allegations of irregularities and corruption against the government.

 He asked the Hawkers League leaders and workers to leave the sidewalks for pedestrians.

Hawkers League convener SM Zakaria Hanif presided over the function while leaders of Hawkers League including Awami League Publicity and Publication Secretary Dr Abdus Sobhan Golap, Relief and Social affairs secretary Sujit Roy Nandi also spoke on Bangabandhu Avenue.

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