Four detained in Cox’s Bazar as their two tourmates found dead

| Updated: September 25, 2021 20:44:52

Four detained in Cox’s Bazar as their two tourmates found dead

Four people were detained Saturday in connection with the series of bodies washing up on the beach in Cox’s Bazar over the weekend.

The arrestees have been identified as Rohan, Masud, Muhibul and Fardin, all residents of Jessore.

Earlier in the day around noon, another unidentified body was recovered from Nazirartek Point on the beach. Later the deceased was identified as Rafiq Oishik (26).

Two bodies were recovered similarly from Seagull Point of the beach on Friday. One of them was later identified as Meher Farabi Avro (24).

Although initially in the dark, Cox’s Bazar police got their first breakthrough during the investigation with the discovery that Avro and Oishik were in fact friends and belonged to a six-member tourist group that checked in at a local hotel on Thursday.

Their suspicions only grew once it was established that the other four members of the group did not file any complaints or missing person reports regarding Avro and Oishik.

As a result, Cox’s Bazar police made their move to detain the four friends on Saturday.

OC (Investigation) of Cox's Bazar Sadar Model Police Station Bipul Kanti Dey said, “A group of six people checked in at Beach Holiday hotel on Thursday. When two of them disappeared, the other four did not inform anyone. They even kept everyone in the dark when their bodies (Avro and Oishik) were recovered from the beach.”

“We find it mysterious,” he added. Accordingly, the four are currently being interrogated at the station.

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