BNP demands involvement of armed forces in vaccine management

| Updated: December 08, 2020 20:11:29

BNP demands involvement of armed forces in vaccine management

Members of the BNP’s standing committee have demanded to involve the Armed Forces and other relevant organisations in procurement, preservation and distribution of Covid-19 vaccine.

The highest policymaking body of the party made the demand at a meeting on Sunday, reports UNB citing a press release issued on Monday.

“There’s an apprehension that the activities of the life-saving vaccine procurement can be hampered due to the incompetence of the health ministry. The BNP standing committee thinks people won’t be benefited if a pragmatic plan on the collection, preservation and distribution of the vaccine is not adopted. Instead, there’s a huge scope for corruption in this process,” the media release said.

The meeting said it is not possible for the corruption-riddled Health Ministry and the relevant offices to properly do the huge job relating to the vaccine. 

“The Armed Forces and other agencies concerned should be given this job as some developed countries have engaged army personnel to do that,” it added.

The standing committee members of the party urged the government to immediately declare a plan with a detailed outline to ensure strict monitoring and accountability regarding the collection, preservation and distribution of the vaccine.

The committee also demanded the government take steps to give the vaccine to people free of cost.

The meeting said the government should take preparations in advance to preserve the vaccine at the right temperature as Bangladesh needs 320 million doses of the vaccine for its 160 million people.

Unlike other countries, the BNP policymakers said, the government is not taking prompt steps to have a vaccine and its proper presentation.

They voiced concern that the coronavirus has spread badly across the country due to the government’s failures, indifference and corruption.

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