Technology revolutionises communication

| Updated: October 24, 2017 14:27:15

Technology revolutionises communication

About a decade ago, only cell phone network used to be the prime channel through which we could make calls and send messages. The only other medium was using the email. But the features were just limited to sending texts only. Skype was another source for messaging and calling, but it was only limited to computer users. On the other hand, this was not a popular software for the common people to connect others. And the cost of using internet was much higher than that of the cost involved in making a call or sending a text through cell phone at that time. Therefore, we could not choose other sources to make a call or send a text without using the cell phone network. This condition continued until Google decided to go into the cell phone market and introduce the revolutionary invention of the operating system "Android" in the year 2008.
Immediately after the introduction of "Android", the Symbian and Microsoft Windows Mobile got replaced by this new operating system. This was a better, more convenient and more user-friendly operating system in all respect. Soon after that about all the companies adapted the system and new apps were introduced in the app store of the system. In only about three years, android got so well known in the global market that reputed companies like Skype, Facebook and MS Office made their android version. Along with that many other new companies, such as Whatsapp, Viber, Linkdin, etc, included them in the play store.
Initially all the apps used to charge on download and some on calls too, but in late 2013, the popularity increased so much that they stopped charging anything. This was something people never thought of. Now, just an internet connection is required to send texts or make call. Video calling was also made easier and more convenient. In recent times they are busy making their offerings more interactive and vivid. And this is how connecting others became easier and will be further more user friendly as days go by.
Md. Mukitus Sadat
Department of BBA
East West University, Dhaka
[email protected]

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