Stop torturing children 

| Updated: October 24, 2017 18:04:48

Stop torturing children 

CHILDREN in our country are subjected to torture both inside and outside their homes. Those who work as domestic helps are often subjected to inhuman torture as we come across in media. These children usually come from poor families and are deprived of proper education. They are compelled to migrate to cities for work and support themselves and their families.
Our constitution has a clear provision that all children are entitled to receive proper education and enjoy other fundamental rights. And the main task of the government is to provide proper education for all children.
Media reports and information from other sources confirm that incidents of oppression against children are happening frequently. It is natural that in a society where children are deprived of their basic rights, development will be retarded. To the best of my knowledge, countries of the developing world are yet to undertake a coordinated effort to salvage the children from being tortured.  
Per capita income of the people has gone up. Condition of the common people has also improved. But despite all these positive socio-economic indicators, condition of our children has not registered any noticeable improvement. 
Children should not be made to work for a living outside their homes. It is painful as well as embarrassing for a nation to have their children driven out of their homes to work outside to look after themselves and support their families. 
This problem must be looked into seriously by the authorities concerned without any further delay.
Sumon Kumar Paul
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Patuakhali Science & Technology University
[email protected] 

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