Save Sundarbans and its ecosystem

| Updated: October 23, 2017 03:14:25

Save Sundarbans and its ecosystem

THE difference between a developed and a developing country is that the former is better equipped to face the challenge of overcoming a critical situation than the latter. Developing countries cannot take any challenge as Bangladesh cannot bear the burden of the coal-based power plant being built in Rampal near the Sundarbans. 
People living around this mangrove forest think that they will have to suffer a lot if a coal-based power plant is built here. The Sundarbans will lose its ecological balance. Smoke with various other polluted elements emitted from this power plant will mingle with air of the surrounding areas. It will be difficult for animals living in the area to survive. When ecosystem will fail to maintain its balance, the environment will turn hazardous. Sulphur di-oxide mixed with air will cause respiratory problem for the visitors and as a result, the number of tourists will decrease. Birds along with other animals will leave the area because of polluted smoke from the coal-based power plant. Earning sources of fisherman may reduce because of poisonous substances in the river beside the plant. Reproduction of fish will be hampered. Acid rain may occur as productivity of crops in these areas will greatly decline. Considering everything it will be better not to build this coal-based power plant near the Sundarbans.
Sumon Kumar Paul
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Patuakhali Science & 
Technology University
[email protected]

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