Health is not everything but affects everything 

| Updated: October 21, 2017 21:59:47

Health is not everything but affects everything 

THIS refers to your write-up, "Healthcare at grassroots level" (FE, July 08, 2017). Every year we celebrate the World Health Day that conveys a message to the people that every man, woman and child should be in a position to choose a healthy way of life.  The World Health Organisation (WHO) works to promote and protect public health. We, the people with knowledge, experience and information must learn to share with others the knowledge they have. Every one should be responsible for his or her own health. Talking about health is important but it must be done in a responsible way, particularly when the subject is a sensitive one. 
There is a need to improve health communication of all kinds and at every level. Doctors possess the knowledge but often undermine the desire of their patients to be fully informed about their health status and the treatment which they are receiving. No doubt, medicine and science have made great strides over the years and have undoubtedly contributed to improving the overall health status of most people. But it is essential that everyone is conscious of the fact that talking about health means, above all, talking about prevention. Health in reproduction is therefore of great important for the well being of families and communities and therefore it has been rightly said that health is not everything but it affects everything.  

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