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Readying ACs for high summer days

Readying ACs for high summer days

Spring is here! The mercury is rising bringing sunnier skies. New flowers are blooming. Nature starts shining the brightest - promising something that will rejuvenate the soul. Along with the breathtaking weather comes the summer's sweltering heat, which makes us rush inside the house and turn on the air conditioner (AC) to feel the cool air.

But the question remains: Is your AC clean or not? Remember, throughout the winter, most people across Bangladesh didn't turn on the AC due to the cold weather. It means that it is now filled with dust, mites, or molds. Every time you turn on the moldy AC, it will be discharging mold spores and bacteria into the air, which will be harmful to anyone, especially the family's vulnerable members. A moldy AC is the perfect recipe for chronic illness and needs to be fixed quickly.

Let's perceive it this way: do you think a car that has not been appropriately maintained and no tune-up has been performed will operate smoothly? No, it won't. Every machine requires maintenance to function smoothly - whether it's a car or a refrigerator, or an AC.

Cleaning and maintaining an AC may seem like an unnecessary task for some, especially when it is keeping the room cool. But it is mandatory to clean an AC regularly, mainly when it hasn't been used for a while.

Air filters can usually get clogged and become dirty, hampering the normal airflow. When dust covers the evaporator coil, its ability to absorb heat gets weakened, which further decreases the efficiency and ability to cool the indoor air. Thus, cleaning an AC will lower the stress and pressure and increase its efficiency.

On top of it, a dirty AC will consume more energy, which will increase the utility bill. If you continue running a dirty AC for a long time, it will raise more significant issues in the future, leading to costly repairs. Hence, regular maintenance of an AC is necessary. Furthermore, during the maintenance, a professional can identify any problem your AC might encounter in the future. This will avert expensive repair or replacement of the entire AC unit.

Remember one thing - your AC not only cools your home, but also plays a crucial role in keeping clean and healthy the air circulated inside your house. A dirty AC will create a ground for bacteria and germs to flourish, which will contaminate your living space and harm you along with your loved ones.

Thus, it is better to clean and maintain your AC for your and your family's well-being. To get your AC professionally serviced, contact the store's customer care. Their experienced technicians will go to your house, clean it, and provide useful advice. Clean the AC before the summer heat heightens so that you will be able to enjoy the beautiful weather without any worry.

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