Pippa to close her publishing business

| Updated: October 21, 2017 14:12:29

Pippa to close her publishing business

Pippa Middleton is reportedly in the process of closing up her publishing business after its profits drastically plummeted in just a span of one year. Rumors suggest that Prince William may have influenced his sister-in-law’s decision to shut down the company as it could potentially “embarrass” the royal family.



It has been revealed by a UK daily that the Duchess of Cambridge’s younger sister, Pippa, has decided to close her company, PXM Enterprises. According to the news site, Middleton’s venture managed her “publishing activities,” including the party planning book Celebrate and writing for Waitrose magazine.



The outlet also alleged that Pippa already took the first step to shut down PXM by filing an application to have it removed from the register at Companies House. The move came just a week before accounts were due to be filed with the registrar.



Pippa, 33, had not shown any signs of quitting her business life in the past, despite marrying multi-millionaire James Matthews in May. This has led to speculations that she is preparing to have children with her husband soon.



There were also claims that Pippa was convinced to let go of her company to have more time for her husband and possibly help expand Matthews’ businesses.



Pippa Middleton has tried various careers in the past but didn’t turn out well. In 2014, her newspaper column was axed just six months after it started. The following year, she attempted to embark on a television career in the United States but to no avail. She was also designated as a special correspondent on NBC’s Today programme but never made it onto the screen for some reason, according to media reports.

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