Gold prices to fall again

| Updated: October 22, 2017 13:56:31

Gold prices to fall again

Prices of gold have been revised downward further in a week to keep it compatible with those of international market, jewellers said.
In a statement, the Bangladesh Jewellers Samity (BAJUS) statement on Tuesday the new prices would come into effect from today (Tuesday).
According to the new rates, the price of a gramme of 22-carat gold has been fixed at Tk 4,100, which was Tk 4,200 previously, BAJUS General Secretary Dilip Kumar Agarwala said.
A gramme of 21-carat gold to be sold at Tk 3,920 from the current price Tk 4,010, while 18-carat to be sold at Tk 3,450, down from Tk 3,525.
A gramme traditional (Sanatani) gold price has also been decreased by Tk 50 to Tk 2,175.
Meanwhile, the price of a gram 21-carat silver has been static at Tk 90.
Earlier to this, the price of the precious metals was changed twice on September 20 and 11 respectively.
According to the traditional measure, the price of per Bhori (11.664) 22-carat gold would be TK 47, 822.

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