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Sorry work, sorry study, tomorrow is for sports only

| Updated: October 24, 2021 23:59:25

Sorry work, sorry study, tomorrow is for sports only

October 24th is going to be the most exciting and eventful day of the year for sports fans. 

Especially if you are a Bangladeshi sports follower, fixtures of October 24 will seem like once in a lifetime experience for you.

The fixtures tomorrow will insist you take a leave from everything and stay in front of the Tv screen to enjoy the blockbuster matches. 

Different venues, different sports, different teams who are best in their business, different players who are best in their regards-- all of them in action within a period of 8 to 9 hours. 

Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka

Whenever you wake up tomorrow, your day will start at 4 pm as Bangladesh will face Srilanka at Sharjah in their opening super 12 fixture. 

Both of them would be eager to prove that they are ready for the big game now. This enticing Asian rivalry will take you through all afternoon and evening.

India vs Pakistan

You will get an hour break after the Bangladesh - Sri Lanka game. Make it count as the next marathon starts at 8 pm. India will face Pakistan in Dubai, one of the greatest rivalries of cricket. Two teams, in absolute form, will lock horns in a mesmerising cricketing war.

Barcelona vs Real Madrid

At 8:15 you must give your focus in Spain where Barcelona will host Real Madrid in the greatest rivalry in football. 

This is the first El Classico of the season, especially the first without Messi, Ronaldo or Ramos. Fans might not want to miss this game amid India vs Pakistan, hence, two screens might be needed.

Manchester United vs Liverpool

Already finding it tough? Let’s add one more to the list. At 9:30 pm, Old Trafford will be calling you to join the fiercest rivalry in England where Manchester United will host Liverpool. 

The battle between Salah and Ronaldo is enough to keep the fans on their feet, let alone the history of this clash. 

This 3-4 hours period is going to halt the world as none of the previous two games- India vs Pakistan and El Classico will be over by this time. Make sure to prepare your arrangements before the rush hour begins.

Roma vs Napoli

No break after the rush hours as Roma vs Napoli, known as the ‘ Derby of the sun,’ will wait for you at 10 pm in Rome. By the end of this match, India vs Pakistan is also expected to be finished.

Two more big fixtures

Well, right when you are thinking of taking a break finally, Italy and France will bring you back in front of the Tv screen again. The two most successful clubs from each of those countries will face each other. 

In ‘Derby D’Italia,’ Inter Milan will host Juventus at San Siro. In the ‘Le Cassique,’ Marseille will host giant PSG at Stad Velodrome. Both of them will start at 12.45 am Bangladesh time.

Well, if you haven’t yet found a solution to catch all the actions simultaneously, you have less than 24 hours to do so.

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