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Key features of Apple’s iOS 15

| Updated: September 25, 2021 22:53:58

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Apple has finally released the most-awaited version of its operating system, iOS 15. It's available to download now in Bangladesh. Here are the key features of the version:

Live text

Maybe live text is the most useful update for all. It allows the user to turn any text/pictures into word documents instantly. Users can now directly move texts in pictures to email.

Offline access to Siri

Siri, the virtual assistant of Apple, can now process speech entirely on the device. Theoretically, this will allow for more secure and faster interactions, and offline Siri commands. The user can use them to open apps, set timers, and toggle settings while the phone is in Airplane mode.

Safari's new mode

It brings the safari URL tab at the bottom, but one can easily change it to the previous version.

FaceTime features

IOS 15 added portrait mode in its call which can blur out the background. Moreover, using the SharePlay feature, users can now FaceTime with others and continue working, watching, or listening to music and even share their screen.

Focus mode

Focus mode has been improved in the new update. The focus mode can be customised based on time and location.

3D feature in Apple maps

Apple is releasing a new 3D feature which is quite fancy and restricted to only a few areas in the USA. It is expected to expand over time.

Several Apple apps, including Photos, Music, Safari, Podcasts, and Apple TV Plus, now include a new ‘Shared with You’ section. There's a built-in VPN-like masking system called Private Relay, which is still currently in Beta. The Weather app also received a facelift.


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