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12-year-old girl designs World Cup jersey for her country

| Updated: October 21, 2021 14:08:44

Photo taken from Cricket Scotland's Twitter handle Photo taken from Cricket Scotland's Twitter handle

The life of an average twelve year old usually does not involve designing the World Cup kit of her country’s cricket team which precisely happened in the life of Haddington local Rebecca Downie. 

The adorable kit designer was overjoyed to be the winner of over 200 entrants in a contest held to get a fresh and innovative kit for the Scottish national team who are playing the qualifying round of the T20 World Cup in Oman. 

Rebecca mentioned that she was excited to take part in the competition and put thought into using colours such as purple and black. The colours are significant to Scotland as a nation as the same colours are used in their national emblem, the thistle. 

Rebecca Downie with her jersey Sketch. Photo via Cricket Scotland's Twitter handle

"I was so excited when I heard I had won the competition, I couldn’t believe it. I was so happy to see the shirt in real life, it looks brilliant! It was amazing to meet the team and watch them play against Zimbabwe,” said the Scottish starlet as quoted by Cricket and More.

She was photographed wearing the kit she designed herself in front of the television while cheering for her team which went viral. The Scottish team is happy for her as the skipper Kyle Coetzer said, "The team is really proud of the design." 

"It was great to meet Rebecca and her family recently and see her wearing the new shirt. The team is really proud of the design and we are planning to go out there and do it justice with our performances in the World Cup,” Coetzer was quoted as saying by Cricket and More.

Rebecca’s little gem certainly seems to be carrying some good fortune for the Scots who are certainly on track to make it to the Super 12 round of the World Cup and rub shoulders with the heavyweights of world cricket. 

He also mentioned that the kit is motivating the team to go onto the field and give their best. They aim to do justice to the design and wear it proudly. Coetzer also encouraged fans back home to acquire the historic kit and wear it while supporting the team. 

The kit is already set to be immortalised as the team has defeated Bangladesh wearing it. The winning moments will forever be etched into the memories of cricket lovers around the world and will be remembered with the chic new Scottish kit, designed by none other than a supremely talented twelve-year-old. 

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