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Google to allow users delete last 15 minutes of search history

| Updated: July 24, 2021 18:45:29

Google to allow users delete last 15 minutes of search history

Google has rolled out a set of new privacy features, including an option that would let users delete their last 15 minutes of search history on mobile. Announcing extra protection for Google’s search history, a company executive said in a blog post that the new privacy features are particularly important for those who share a device and want to make sure others aren’t able to access their search history.

Google is now giving users a way to put extra protection around the searches saved in their accounts. When signing in from their Google account, they can opt for extra verification for ‘My Activity’, which will make them provide additional information before the full history can be viewed. The additional information could be their Google password or two-factor authentication.

Apart from this, the users can also choose to have Google automatically delete their search history, along with other web and app activity, after three, 18 or 36 months. For new accounts, the default time period set for the deletion of web and app activity is set at 18 months, but the users can update the settings.

Google said that the feature will be introduced for its Android app later this year, reports hindustantimes.com citing Google.

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