We are not looking at the right problems to solve

Ahnaf Wazed Khan | Wednesday, 20 April 2022

The loss against South Africa in Tests added with shambolic 4th innings performances in both Tests has rattled Bangladesh’s recently brewing confidence in Test cricket. The scenario, showered with promise after the historic win in New Zealand, has changed.

And above everything, the lions’ share of criticism is being showered upon the captain.

The claim of relieving Mominul Haque from captaincy is now louder than ever. It often happens after such shambolic performances. Maybe or maybe not, it is a serious issue to solve.

However, before jumping to such conclusions, it should be ensured that every aspect is observed thoroughly. It is necessary to scan if they are solving the right questions or not.

Here we will see two particular aspects of Mominul’s captaincy failure. One is his successive failed reviews, another is his questionable lack of authority over the team as captain.

The number of failed reviews for Bangladesh is hilarious. It is an asset that is being misused in a horrific way. However, it is not right to criticize Mominul alone here.

When it comes down to reviewing a decision, a captain is dependent on two personnel - the bowler and the keeper. Because they are the only two people who have a straight angle to observe the incident in cases of LBW.

It is noticeable that the rate of failed reviews skyrocketed after Liton Das became a regular wicket-keeper. Liton has consistently failed to make clean calls for decision review.

No matter who the captain is, Bangladesh will keep suffering regarding DRS unless the wicketkeeper starts taking responsibility.

Then comes the team management issues. The news that broke the headlines after the first Test is that Russell Domingo and Alan Donald wanted Bangladesh to bat first if they won the toss. But the senior cricketers didn’t want to face the Protea bowlers in the first innings and decided to do otherwise.

This indicates a serious issue. It raises questions about the dressing room culture. Such sort of influence by the senior cricketers is not beneficial for the team.

At the same time, if this remains the case, then once again no matter who the captain is, it changes nothing. Nobody can expect the likes of Miraz or Liton or whoever the next captain might be to take decisions independently under such influence of the seniors.

One way to solve this is to give the captaincy to one of the seniors. But that would diminish the signs of progress and the promises of looking forward will be lost.

Therefore, it will not be wise by any means for Bangladesh to focus solely on changing captaincy rather than solving these issues.

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