Stock market investors should take into account risk factors: Minister Kamal

FE ONLINE REPORT | Wednesday, 27 October 2021

People should make investment at the bourses keeping in mind the ups and downs of the stock market, said Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal.

“This market goes up and down everyday. So, this is an extremely sensitive market. We have to keep this in mind,” the minister said Wednesday after a virtually held cabinet committee meeting.

“When you come to make profit, you also have to consider the risk factors,” he added.

Mr Kamal said the government’s responsibility is to provide the required support to the stock market and the government is doing so.

“If you come to make huge profit only, that may not happen,” he said.

The minister said the pillar of a stock market is the economy of the country.

“Stock market will be strong when the economy becomes strong. There is no other method to boost the market”.

“Everyone should come to the market knowing the pros and cons,” he said adding that people who are involved in the market know about it.

Mr Kamal said the government is doing whatever it needs to do and the market is given budgetary support for its betterment.

The government can’t be made responsible if investors go beyond rules and make losses, he added.

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