Side dishes for Eid-ul-Adha to make meat tastier

Sirajum Munira Tuli | Thursday, 22 July 2021

Many would agree that eating the same food over and over again can lead to reluctance. But when it comes to meat at the time of Eid-ul-Adha, it seems Bengali people can consume meat for eternity.

Although the day usually keeps people quite busy with all the sacrifice staff and delivering meat to the relatives, real cooking begins after the Eid day.

People make different items of meat which bring so much variation that there is no chance to get bored. Variations are also seen based on different regions. Shaatkora Beef from Sylhet, Chuijhaal Beef from Khulna, Kalabhuna and Mejbani Beef from Chittagong, Shutki Beef from Gazipur etc. are now famous all over the country.


But when there is a huge amount of cooked meat in the fridge, then? Can more or less use of one or two ingredients change the taste of the whole food? Well, some side dishes can bring the change and make the food interesting. Let's find out a few of those innovative foods.

Veg-rice Pancake:


Soaked rice 1 cup, plain yogurt ½ cup, 1 medium potato (boiled), chopped onion 2 tbsp, chopped carrot 2 tbsp, chili flex 1 tsp, chopped green chili 2 pcs, ginger paste ½ tsp, cumin 1 tsp, chopped coriander leaf 2 tbsp, salt ¾ tsp.


Step 1: Blend the soaked rice with ¼ cup water and yogurt in a mixer.
Step 2: Mash the boiled potato and pour the blended mixture on it. Mix them properly.
Step 3: Put all the spices and chopped veggies and mix them again.
Step 4: Mix a little water if it’s too much thicker than a pancake dough.
Step 5: Brush a non-stick fry pan with a little oil, and pour 2 tbsp of the mixture when it’s hot. Flip the cake when it is half done from upside. Keep the flame at medium-low heat. Take off when it’s golden from both sides.

Veg-rice Pancake- a perfect partner for 'Kosha Mangsho' or 'Chhecha Kabab' is ready! Serve with Mint-yogurt chutney for more refreshing taste.

For Mint-yogurt Chutney:

Take- 1 cup sour curd, 1 tbsp coriander leaf, 1 tbsp mint leaf, ½ tsp bit-salt, 3 tsp sugar, 1 tbsp lemon juice, ½ tsp black pepper, 1 or 2 green chilies. Blend them all together in a mixer, and it’s ready to serve!

Since it contains veggies as well as carbs, during the Eid season, it can be a nutritious supplement with meat which is rich in vitamins and minerals.

White Bhapa:

It follows the same process of traditional Bhapa Pitha, but without date molasses. As it is a steamed food and requires no oil to make, it’s a perfectly healthy combination with 'Kalabhuna' or 'Chuijhaal Beef. Traditional salad can make it a complete meal!

To make White Bhapa:

Step 1: Soak rice in salted water, drain the water and grind it in a grinder.

Step 2: Place in a mold for your expected shape and steam that with a steamer.

Step 3: Serve smoky hot when it’s steamed properly.

Besides these items, Bakorkhani, Chhitapitha, Chitolpitha, Morich Porota, Naan Roti, Chapra, Chapati, Chaler Roti can also be a great complementary with meat.

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