RU professor invents RK Fibre, an alternative of jute

Our Correspondent | Sunday, 5 November 2017

RAJSHAHI, Nov 05: RK Fibre, an alternative of jute fibre, has been invented by Dr Anwarul Islam, professor of the Department of Pharmacy of Rajshahi University.  The natural fibre he invented is extremely comfortable, soft, bright, tough and long lasting.

While talking to journalists, Dr Anowarul Islam informed that the fibre he invented is an easy alternative of 'golden fibre' jute. This fibre is also derived from a plant but this is brighter than the jute fibre, tough but softer and fine. The clothes and yarn made from the fibre would have a brighter look and long lasting like that of cotton.

Dr. Anowarul Islam, however, did not disclose the name of the plant from which the fibre can be derived. "For technical reason, I cannot disclose the name of the plant from which the fibre can be acquired. But, I have got the plant and experimented with its fibre in various ways. This plant is grown in jungles and bushes and even in fallow land without any care.  It can be commercially cultivated at a throwaway cost," he said.

Dr. Anowarul Islam mentioned the research on the plant is still in the field level and to make the fibre fully operational or usable, and more academic research was necessary. He also said, to complete the research work, a satisfactory amount of funding was also required. Whenever, the commercial production of the yarn will start, it will be used in a mass in textile and readymade garments industries. He said he was able to derive the fibre from the plant after three years of research. It will be used direct as an alternative to jute. All the products which are made from jute may also be made from this fibre, moreover, this fibre will be used for making garments because it is tough but soft and brighter than the jute fibre. It will give a new dimension in garments industry of the country as well as in the world if he could successfully complete his academic research in this connection, he mentioned.

He said, he had given the brand name of the fibre as 'RK Fibre'.  "To end my research work on the fibre I need sound patronisation. I would welcome any institutional, academic and state sponsored patronisation to end the research."

Prof Dr Anwarul Islam is former Dean of Science Faculty of RU, a member of Bangladesh Pharmacy Council and the Chief of Economic director of Pharmacutical Journal. He is also involved in anticancer research with a US university.

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