JU Law Faculty organises seminar on 'Life in Law'

Hasan Sojib, JU | Monday, 4 July 2022

Faculty of Law, Jahangirnagar University, organised a seminar titled 'Life in Law' on Sunday.

Justice Krishna Debnath of the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh was present as the chief guest and key speaker at the seminar presided over by Dean of the faculty Tapos Kumar Das.

The seminar was Jointly hosted by Preeti Kana Sikder, Assistant Professor and Bonosree Rani, Lecturer of the department of Law and Justice. Assistant Professor Suprobhat Paul gave a welcome address emphasising the practical and theoretical aspects of learning law briefly.

After that, Tamanna Aziz Tuli, lecturer in the department, welcomed Justice Krishna Debnath with a flower bouquet.

In the seminar, Krishna Debnath sheds light on the experiences that law students may have to go through in real life. She briefly discusses what can happen in the life of a lawyer, and what can happen in the life of a judge.

"Life and law are intimately involved. People are inclined to law right after birth through birth registration to succession. Everything in human society and family is governed by law. It is important for everyone to study law. Law lessons make life easier."

"Court orders are written in English. That is why the orders should be simple and concise. We need to get out of writing bulky judgements. We need to make the language of the court understandable to the masses," she added.

Addressing those who want to be lawyers, she said, “I would be a lawyer if I was born again. In each case, the lawyers have to make a perfect statue out of a piece of clay. However, people's confidence in lawyers is declining. Many people are moving to the courtroom themselves nowadays. It means, the lawyers did not make him satisfied.”

“Remember, a family survives from generation to generation if lawyers give the right advice. There was a time when the legal profession was actually congratulated. Now times have changed, the profession has to go through tough competition," she remarked.

Talking about the judges, she mentioned about innovative verdicts they are giving nowadays. Plant 10 trees, beautiful verdicts like teaching music to some people are also coming from the court.

“In our time, there was no environment for giving such judgements. Today's children are very talented. All that is needed is to show them the way."

The first-year students of the Law and Justice Department were welcomed in the seminar. The youngsters expressed their excitement at the beginning of their university life by getting the proximity and direction of a wise judge.

More than 150 students of Law and Justice participated in the seminar and many of them were awarded certificates for extra-curricular activities based on soundness in cultural performances, writing, mooting, sports and class representation.

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