foodpanda's MD Ambareen Reza contends for e-CAB seat

FE ONLINE DESK | Saturday, 28 May 2022

Ambareen Reza, co–founder and managing director of foodpanda Bangladesh, has pledged to move forward with everyone to create a collaborative environment for the e-commerce sector to thrive on. She recently submitted her nomination papers as part of 'Ogrogami' panel with the motto 'Together Towards Progress'.

Ambareen Reza has been working in the country's e-commerce sector for ten years and has contributed to the development of this industry through scaling foodpanda as one of the most successful e-commerce businesses in the country. The entrepreneur has achieved success at a young age due to her innate qualities such as hard working mentality, innovative ideation and farsightedness. Her success is inspiring many young people to become entrepreneurs and work for the country's betterment, according to a statement.

She is expected to take e-CAB forward in the coming days through industry experience and competent leadership.

Ambareen Reza said, “I believe in the progress of the country's e-commerce sector by ensuring complete inclusiveness. I hope that through the shared energy of all candidates of 'Ogrogami', we will be able to further develop the e-commerce sector of the country, and address various challenges in the future. eCab members will recognize the right candidate – that's my hopeful anticipation”.

e-CAB (E-Commerce Association of Bangladesh) has been working for the progression of the e-commerce sector of the country through solving various issues and safeguarding welfare.