BNP hits back at PM for money laundering allegation

Saturday, 16 September 2017

BNP senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi alleged on Friday Tk 860 billion (86,000 crore) has been laundered alone by persons close to Sheikh Hasina, reports UNB.


He made the remarks following the Prime Minister's statement in parliament about siphoning off money abroad by the Zia family and BNP leaders.


He also said Sheikh Hasina brought a false allegation of siphoning off money by BNP leaders and the Zia family as a trick to divert people's attention to a different direction from Rohingya crisis.


"You're spending Tk 100 for a work worth of Tk one in the name of different projects and mega projects as you've been in power by force.


Different international organisations have estimated that people close to the Prime Minister have alone siphoned off Tk 86,000 crore abroad from Bangladesh, he told a discussion organised by Bangladesh Jatiya Nagorik Sangsad at the National Press Club in the city on Friday.


The BNP leader said no one is now raising voice against corruption by the ruling party men in fear of reprisal as the country is under 'Awami League misrule'.


"Those who collected information about the corruption and money laundering by the ruling party men cannot dare present their findings out of fear. But different foreign media and researchers are observing it closely."


The BNP leader warned that those ruling party men are plundering public money and siphoning off those abroad must be accountable to people someday.


Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday told parliament that the government is investigating the alleged money-laundering by the members of BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia's family, saying that appropriate actions will be taken against them accordingly.


Protesting her comments, Rizvi said, "Rohingyas are dying every day for lack of food, treatment and shelter.


 The Prime Minister came up with an allegation of laundering Tk 1200 crore (by the Zia family and BNP leaders) to hush up Rohingyas' horrible situation. She also did it to keep people busy with the issue and divert the attention of people and the international community to a different direction from Rohingya crisis."


He also accused Hasina of patronising corrupt people as she branded former Communications Minister Syed Abul Hossain as a patriot after an international organisation accused him of indulging in corruption in Padma bridge project.


Mentioning that the incidents of killing and enforced disappearance have marked a sharp rise over the last few weeks, he warned all that the government might have an evil plan against BNP and the democratic forces.