Vibrant colours are back in trend

| Updated: January 28, 2023 08:12:37

Dancing icon Ridy Sheikh. Photo taken from her Instagram account Dancing icon Ridy Sheikh. Photo taken from her Instagram account

Fashion changes rapidly, and the old trend comes back again too. You may have noticed that most of the '90s trends are back in today's fashion.

But just shifting to a new trend will not make you fashionable. You need to feel which one suits you the most and makes you look trendy.

Light or subtle colours were in trend a few days back, and everyone started to wear light-coloured clothes according to their preference. Even a couple of years ago, vibrant colours were mostly avoided as those clothes stayed idle inside the wardrobe. However, the prospects have suddenly changed, and vibrant colours are in trend again.

To enhance your appearance, try introducing bold and bright colours like green, yellow, orange, blue, red, or pink. Also, in the case of accessories, you can choose to wear them in bold colours.

If you are not confident yet to shift to bold colours, start picking something that easily matches your wardrobe collections to stay on trend. To go for an outing with friends or family, it's high time to embrace yourself with bold and diverse attire. Start searching for the ideal companion for you.

Now talking about some vibrant and bold colours, green comes first because of its calming and soothing effects in a hue. Give yourself an extra sparkle with this colour in different shade ranges. You can create a contrast in your attire by choosing pants of a different colour and wearing a green coloured top.

Also, you can create a different look by choosing the same coloured pant and top and pairing them up with a green coloured bag and shoes. This combination will complement your look.

Yellow is the colour of spring, and it suits all seasons as well. It's a bright colour so you can wear it on the day to suit you more. If you are wearing a yellow top, pair it with white pants and a deep-coloured bag to create a contrast, even if you can choose black for accessories.

Blue has many shades; you can pick any of your choices. Blue is good for any time of the day to wear. You can try combinations of bright and subtle colours to find the perfect combo. Dark blue and mustard yellow, dark blue and pink, navy blue and black, and so on. Keep experimenting with colours to create some variations for the most trendy look.

Red is the sign of love, and we only wear red on Valentine's Day usually or Pahela Baishakh. But have you ever tried to create some trendy combinations with red on other occasions?

Red is the most attractive colour, and you will be highlighted the most in this colour. So wear red with black or brown pants and some dark-coloured accessories that will complement the attire. Black, grey, blue, brown, and yellow go well with red. Find your favourite colour combination through trials.

Start picking vibrant-coloured clothes from your wardrobe and sport new combinations with those outfits. Keep in mind that not every colour will suit every outfit and every occasion, so match accordingly.

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