Top late night food delivery services in Dhaka

Top late night food delivery services in Dhaka

Craving to eat something good at midnight is a common situation. Even without hunger, our tummy sometimes wants fancy foods at night. Again, sometimes, we literally run out of food at home. And this is not much of an alien scenario for the bachelors, who often forget to buy food items in time. 

To rescue people from these situations, many restaurants and cloud kitchens provide midnight food delivery up to 6 am. Also, some apps are only dedicated to providing late-night food delivery service. 

Be it for a late-night party with friends, sudden craving, nothing to cook at home, or watching a football match, here are some useful suggestions that'd be available to serve you food throughout the night.

Pizza: Most people want pizza when it comes to midnight cravings. Cheez and Domino's deliver pizza by their own delivery system till 4 am. Some other restaurants that serve pizza are Street Oven, Fat Boy Pies, Pizza Pan, and Midnight Pizza. Premium restaurants like IBIZA Bistro, The Chocolate Room, and Tastebuds also deliver pizza at night. Pasta can also be found in these restaurants.

Burger: Burger is one of those foods that is freshly made and delivered instantly. Burger shops such as Grillers, Buns and Patties, Fatty Bun, Friggy's, and Burger Xpress can serve you mouthwatering burgers at midnight. 

A cloud kitchen called KNACK also delivers burgers at midnight. These burger shops also serve fast food like French fries, onion rings, sandwiches, pasta, wings, etc.

Fried/grilled chicken: Southern Chic can be a good option if you are a fried chicken lover. Also, The Birdman Chicken, Cibo Fresco, Snackmate, KNACK, and Grillers have fried chicken. Rooster Peri Peri delivers peri-peri and grilled chicken.

Rolls: Hayati, Let's roll, Oh My Roll, Roll it, and Wrappo have various kinds of rolls and offer different flavours. You can choose one according to your taste bud.

Asian cuisine: Want to try Asian cuisine while watching a horror movie at midnight? Dumpling of Fury serves some good dumplings; Kung Pao can deliver you Pan-Asian delights even at midnight; Korean food can be found in royal Korean cuisine and simple Chinese rice bowl from bowls. Besides, you can order Japanese food like sushi, maki roll, nigiri etc., from Sushi House, Oshi Sushis, Yoko Japanese, and Dragon Eye. These places also deliver soup and ramen.

Indian cuisine: Some authentic Indian food can be found in La Jawaab, Indian kitchen, The Haari, Dine A chap and munch mafia. They serve Indian-style biriyani and curry items like butter chicken, chicken tikka, palak paneer, and daal makhani. A cloud kitchen called Delhi 6 can deliver warm smoky kabab to your door at midnight.

Bengali cuisine: If you are a pure Bengali food lover, you can order tehari from Tehari On The Go and khichuri from Munch Mafia. Dawaat serves tehari, biriyani, kacchi, khichuri, polao, roast, duck curry, achari chicken and beef kala bhuna.

Dessert: People with a sweet tooth won't be disappointed because deserts, too, are available at midnight. You can find super tasty waffles from Waffle up, lava cake from CAF, doughnuts from Holesome, cakes from Tastebuds, and bakery and dessert items like brownies from Bread and Bakery.

Beverages: To resolve your thirst, Kona Café, Moolicius, Crimson Cup, and the Chocolate Room can help. They serve coffee, milkshake, iced tea, mojito, etc.

Delivery Apps: Download some food delivery apps like Munchies and Quick Meal, and rest assured that you won't regret not having anything at home late at night. 

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