Hairstyles you can try in 2023

Hairstyles you can try in 2023

Nothing has a bigger psychological impact than a new hairdo, whether you go for a huge chop or tie your hair up differently. Whatever you are aesthetic, there are many possibilities available, and starting a new year with a new hairstyle will create a new vibe in you. 

When it comes to hair, we're taking styling from the past, particularly the 1970s, when bangs, texture, and blowouts were in fashion. Additionally, we're avoiding 'his' and 'hers' cuts in favour of styles that blur the lines, putting gender fluidity at the forefront of hairstyles.

A Sachel cut 

Last summer, the modern Rachel haircut was in trend worldwide and is still prevalent. The 'Sachel' is the most recent incarnation of the style. It happens when a Rachel and a shag haircut meet up. 

Ask your hairstylist to retain the shape around your face a little longer but keep the sliced layers if you've been growing out a shag at this time to sport the modern Rachel. This haircut works great for people with naturally straight or slightly wavy hair.

'70s fluffy texture

The '70s are still much in style, and fluffy, textured hair is trendy. Modern but a little Goldie Hawn and undone. Dry the hair roughly, but do a very half-hearted blow dry. Back then, they didn't have the variety of tools we have today, so any fluff was natural. 

Don't overdo it; leave some of the natural texture intact. Then go through the mid-lengths with a round brush, loosely tonging a few parts. Don't strive for perfection. It's one way to pull off the appearance.

A clavicut

The clavicut is the ideal hairstyle for adding structure and volume to fine hair. The haircut entails adding undetectable layers to give the hair an amazing movement. 

Anyone can wear the cut, which is situated at the collarbone, hence its name. Combine with some baby highlights, and your hair will appear thicker and fuller in no time. 

A tucked end 

A tucked-under end is quite fashionable right now, similar to the hairstyles of wealthy women in 1980s films. Whatever your haircut, it only requires you to blow dry, straighten, or curl your hair under at the ends, in the direction of your face. It instantly gives you flawless ends that match a lovely blowout.

A gender-fluid mood

These days, male and female hair is evolving, with female hair becoming more androgynous. The pixie cut is easy because many more women feel confident enough to go short, whereas males tend to have longer hairstyles.

Voluminous up-dos 

Voluminous up-dos are the trend to attempt in the spirit of '90s glitz and forgoing the effortless style for hair that looks polished and preened. They exude glamour and are becoming more visible with many hair types, including braids, locs, kinky, coily, curly, wavy, and straight. To take it to the next level, add your flourishes and accessories. 

Bringing back the blow dry 

Natural hair drying, or air drying as it is also known, has recently gained popularity. Until lately, the focus has been on hair that requires the least amount of maintenance and still looks good. Even though that school of thought is still prevalent, many people prioritise hair health and aim for expensive-looking glosses.

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