From hobby to successful business: Journey of Stylish Abaya with Maria

| Updated: January 09, 2023 11:39:09

From hobby to successful business: Journey of Stylish Abaya with Maria

Modesty helps to enhance your personality. One of the biggest Bangladeshi modest dress brands is “Stylish Abaya”. This brand came into the market with Makkia Hossain Maria, who enjoyed making beautiful dresses in her leisure time and making herself busy when others were also busy with their own work.

At first, she didn’t know her hobby would turn into a successful business, but now she has more than 1.0 million people who follow the online pages of Stylish Abaya to be in touch with the latest collection of women's attires and thousands of customers buy their products on a daily basis. Stylish Abaya has many collections of modest clothes which includes burqa, abaya, kaftan, hijab, exclusive bridal modest clothes. As Maria was born in Saudi Arabia, she has a impact of the muslim dressing culture and continued her business with that also.

Apart from the online business, this brand has its own shopping outlets in Dhaka. The outlets are in Mirpur-1, Banani, and Bashundhara City Shopping Mall. Also, they have an outlet in Sylhet and in the USA. Another outlet is going to open in Dubai.  Maria intends to open more new outlets in Dhaka and all over the country to give her precious customers a better purchasing experience.

When Maria was asked about her experience, she said it was not a smooth path like most people, but she is determined to break her limits to follow her dreams. And she is truly grateful to all those people who helped her in this journey, including her husband, parents, and in-laws, although her biggest inspiration was the positive feedback from her customers that pushed her to go beyond her limits.

Stylish Abaya makes hundreds of types of dresses, and all of them are created with utmost care so that even a customer can feel the products. Maria recruited many people for this brand and helped many unemployed; she intends to make this impact larger.

Maria also wants the Stylish Abaya to be recognized internationally. She wants to open her business overseas and make all her dreams come true. Although she doesn’t have many plans she is still grateful for what she got and what she’s heading towards.

Does it mean she is successful as an entrepreneur? In our eyes, yes, but in Maria’s eyes, the answer is no. She thinks she will truly be successful when she can make others successful through her work and when people are happier and getting all their basic needs. Stylish Abaya is not only a business to her but also a way to make people happier.




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