Budget-friendly wedding shopping

Budget-friendly wedding shopping

Winter is the season for wedding events. Plenty of wedding ceremonies are lined up to invite you, and attending them requires special attention to your outfit. 

While sporting the same outfit at every wedding you attend this season is impossible, buying different clothes on each occasion might not be healthy for your pocket. So what's the way? Let's see!

Places for a budget-friendly shopping

Newmarket is a one-stop solution for both males and females. It is situated on Mirpur road. Here you can find everything you need at a wide variety of prices. 

You can bargain with their asking prices and get a cheaper rate than malls. You will have to roam around a bit to find your desired outfit under your budget but worth it. 

Mirpur Benarashi Palli is also a good place to buy saree from huge variations. They will ask for a very high price, but you have to bargain like a pro. 

Banga bazar in gulistan is a place of dreams. You can get stationary and undergarments from here. The place is crowded, shabby, and narrow, but it is the cheapest place for wedding shopping in Dhaka without any hint of doubt. 

Shopping guidelines for female

Salwar kameez and saree are the traditional outfits of our country. You must wear traditional attire at wedding events as they will complement the event. Buying two pairs of salwar kameezes could be handy as you can wear them casually too. 

Choose the kameez fabric and designs according to your preference. But keep in mind that you are buying for wedding and casual wear. Try to choose some bright colours and the kameez shouldn't be pale, look for some designs and prints in them. 

If you are buying an unstitched set, you will need additional tailor costs, so try to buy a stitched one. 

Another option can be buying two Kurtis and one or two gorgeous dupattas to pair up with the Kurti. You may have some formal pants or leggings in your wardrobe or if you have the budget for a pair, then buy a black, brown, or white one to pair up with any Kurti.

Saree will suit you in every wedding event. A saree can be a good choice if the wedding is of someone from your close ones. You can look for bright-coloured sarees, even between 500 to 1000 Tk, according to your preference. 

If you have a gorgeous top, you can wear it as your blouse or buy a multicolour or golden-coloured blouse with any coloured saree. 

For a winter wedding, a shawl will keep you warm and give you a beautiful wedding look. A multicoloured or nude-coloured shawl suits literally any outfit. 

You may have one or two pairs of party shoes on your shoe rack. So pair them with your outfits, and you are good to go. 

If you were thinking of having a pair of shoes for every look, buy a sandal-type shoe under your budget. Choose formal colours as you need to wear the pair with multiple outfits. 

If you have the least stock of ornaments, go for a pair of earrings and bangles. Oxidised and antique jewellery is very cheap yet beautiful.  

Shopping list for men

While shirts and t-shirts are everyday outfits, panjabi is traditional, worn occasionally. Even if you already have them, you may need a variation in your wedding collection. 

Panjabi is a perfect attire to attract people as wedding guests. You can buy one or two cotton Panjabi with some unique colour combinations. 

Also, contrast-coloured Koti paired up with panjabi looks great. If you have a nice jacket in your closet, you are good to go for the event. You can put on your regular footwear. 

On the other hand, buying one or two printed or formal coloured shirts will serve both wedding and regular use purposes. If you have deep-coloured pants in your closet, you can pair them with your new shirts. 

Look for black, brown, or navy blue-coloured formal pants if you can allocate some more budget here. This work for a formal look with the blazer in your wardrobe. Try to match your belt and shoe colour to look good. 

For a casual look, go for a polo t-shirt with bright or formal colours and pair them with a jacket and regular gabardine pants. If you are wearing a deep-coloured t-shirt, wear light-coloured gabardine pants and vice versa. 

While shopping for the event, remember that buying a gorgeous outfit will be a waste of money as you can wear them only at weddings or party events. 

Keep it simple and unique so you can wear them for the office or hang out with friends. 

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