Aung Myko Marma: The DU student who went viral overnight for a song

| Updated: February 15, 2023 17:39:35

Aung Myko Marma: The DU student who went viral overnight for a song

It was a regular day for Aung Myko Marma, a student at the Department of International Relations, University of Dhaka, as he studied and then subsequently uploaded a video of him singing 'Jadur Shohor' by Chirkut before a semester final examination, something he often does to relieve stress. 

After waking up the next day, he found his song becoming 'viral' on social media platforms, with the song even reaching Sharmin Sultana Shumi, the vocalist of the Chirkut band. Shumi, herself, was overwhelmed by the melody of Aung's voice. 

"Best 'Jadur Shohor' cover I've ever heard. There was so much comfort for the ears and in the soul. Is there any way I can get his phone number? I found out that he is a student in my department," Shumi told Prothom Alo.

Shumi herself was a student of International Relations. It didn't take long before the two met, in an event organised to give a reception to students who achieved a GPA of 5, when the junior and senior from the Department of International Relations shared the same stage. Aung sang the song along with the entire band.

For Aung, it was a new experience, as previously he sang only on occasions held in his hometown of Bandarban and programs held at his present and past educational institutions. Hence, singing in front of this many people was a new experience for him, adding to the fact that he got to perform such an iconic song with the band, according to Aung himself.

Aung is a resident of Jagannath Hall, and in the boring and monotonous life surrounding academic pressure and everything, he finds solace in singing. Being a native of Bandarban, singing has been one of his constant passions in his life, but classical music was never his cup of tea.

When he got himself into Comilla Cadet College, he started performing in various cultural events at the college. After entering the academic arena of the University of Dhaka, his life went on along with singing in various events as well as casually singing while hanging out with friends. 

The video of 'Jadur Shohor,' however, has gone viral and made him a known face on campus.

Aung has already written four songs all by himself, and he wants to see his name become established in the world of music in the future.

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