Alternatives for tea and coffee in chilly weather

Alternatives for tea and coffee in chilly weather

Winter is already here. In this chilled weather, our body needs to have something warm. The most preferred winter drinks are tea and coffee. 

However, other than these, some foods and drinks may add to your favourite list. So if you dislike caffeine and want something new for the desired warmth, some healthy options are available.

Soup: The soup has a different fan base. Various kinds of soup are available. Thai soup is the crowd favourite. Another popular soup is cream of mushroom soup. It is a milk-based soup with a mild taste. 

Hot and sour soup is for people who are spice lovers. Some other healthy options are corn soup, vegetable soup, and Thai clear soup.

Ramen: Korean ramen has been getting more popular recently. It has become affordable also. Korean Ramen is different from traditional instant noodles. It is thicker, and the broth of the noodle has a soupy consistency. 

It is spicy yet tasty. You will feel the spice rising but still want more of it. The spice will hit you hard and make you feel warm.

Oats: Oats can be made in several ways. You can make it with milk and add some seasonal fruits on top. By keeping the consistency more liquid, it can satisfy your hunger as well as make you feel less cold. This is also a healthy option. Try to replace sugar with honey and use skimmed fat milk to make it healthier.

Hot chocolate: Nothing is more comforting than a warm mug of hot chocolate on a chilly winter day. A cup of creamy and rich, melted hot chocolate is a relief with a taste in freezing weather. This exceptional winter beverage only requires milk and melted dark chocolate. 

For those seeking an intense chocolate experience, this drink is ideal. This luxurious winter beverage requires a bit more time to prepare, but the extra time and effort are well worth it.

Flavoured milk: Flavoured milk can be prepared at home easily. After boiling the milk, you can add things as per your choice. 

For example, vanilla flavour, saffron, sliced nuts, flavourful spices like cinnamon, cardamom powder, nutmeg etc. 

People have turmeric milk all over the world to relieve seasonal colds and flu. To enhance the beverage's taste, sweeteners such as molasses, honey, sugar syrup, or date syrup are added.

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