5 unusual ways of death that will shock you

5 unusual ways of death that will shock you

Death is an inevitable part of every living species that is born. Death has its own ways - unique and separate from each other. Some are tragic, some are saddening, some are strange, and some are even comic due to their look.

However, some deaths recorded in history are so unusual that one cannot help wondering whether they were real or fictional. Let's have a look at some of the strangest deaths.

The deceased set up his own death?

December 2011. A resident of Nevada, USA, David Pendleton, called the police and informed them that there was a dead body lying in front of his home.

When the police arrived, they discovered David sitting on the tomb of his wife with a loaded shotgun in his hand. What perplexed the officers more was that there was another tomb by his wife's with his name written on that.

As the police officers approached to talk to him, he started threatening them and pointed the shotgun toward an officer. When things heated up, an officer shot him dead.

Many later interpreted that David, after his wife's death just a week earlier, was so upset that he wanted to kill himself. So he arranged his own tomb and set up a death scene.

Cardiac arrest during own funeral

Fagilyu Mukhametzyanov is certainly a complex name to pronounce. However, the resident from Kazan, Russia, died through an even more complex process.

The 49-year-old woman went to the hospital with severe chest pain, and the doctors wrongly declared her dead after she fell unconscious.

However, the miracle happened two days later when her friends and family prayed for her soul at her funeral; she suddenly rose from the coffin, weak and scared, scaring everyone else in the church. Unfortunately, this miracle didn't last long. Seeing so many scared faces around, screaming, she experienced another cardiac arrest and, this time, breathed her last, for real!

Caught fire inside own body

Danny Vanzandt, a US citizen from Oklahoma state, was found dead - burnt and incinerated, in his room in 2011. What baffled the police was that his body was burnt in a way that it seemed the deceased man was grilled in slow-burning low flame!

The mystery was in no way to be solvable as everything around Danny was unharmed as if his dead body appeared right by his sofa out of nowhere!

Later, sensational information came out from the forensic lab reports, revealing that the man died from a fire inside his body!

It was somewhat like auto-brewery syndrome; a burning sensation was triggered inside his body from the alcohol he was drinking that killed him and burnt slowly over time in a way that his face was not recognizable.

Death to prove your faith

Another strange death from the USA. A certain priest named Mac Wilford from Virginia state was a hardcore believer of Christianity and the Bible. He never backed off from proving his belief.

A verse from the Bible, Gospel of Mark, chapter 16, says that snakes don’t bite true believers, and they wouldn’t die if they drank anything poisonous accidentally.

With full belief in this verse, Mac used to pet a poisonous rattlesnake he named ‘Old Yeller.’ Local residents saw him often roaming around with that snake over his shoulder. Unfortunately, the snake bit him one day.

Yet, Mac strictly refused to call in a doctor as he believed God wouldn’t let him die. Nevertheless, his face turned blue within hours, and he fell unconscious as his family called in a doctor without his approval. But Mac had left the mortal realm by the time doctor arrived.

Nobody can touch the Queen!

Sunanda Kumariratna was a ‘Queen of Siam’ - a designation that the queens of Thai monarchs used to have. She was the daughter of King Mongkut, one of the longest-ruling kings of Thailand.

One day, Sunanda was out on a voyage with her infant baby girl with several boats full of guards to protect her. But could those guards save her if cruel fate had already decided her death?

A sudden big wave turned Sunonda’s boat upside down, and she drowned in front of the eyes of several dozens of guards who were there to protect her. Well, why didn’t they?

It’s because of a royal order that she’d only be protected from invasions; however, she can never be touched in any situation, even if she is dying! This cruel law saw her going down in the water with her innocent child with many helping hands chained nearby.

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