15 tips to make the most of your money at buffet

| Updated: January 25, 2023 13:10:01

15 tips to make the most of your money at buffet

If you want to experience a variety of cuisines within a limited budget, a buffet is your best bet. 

However, many still feel they cannot make the best use of the money they spend for a buffet meal as a few items effectively fill their tummies. 

If you are one of those, we have some tips to help you eat more in a buffet.

Look for price and menu: There are many buffet restaurants to select from in terms of cuisine, cost, and value. Most buffet restaurants provide their menu on their Facebook page.

Choose what matters most to you, then look into where you can get the best offer. Besides, try to select a buffet according to your taste. Buffets usually have a wholistic cuisine representation. However, they might have a niche too. Do look for the niche, find out which cuisine (Bengali, Indian, Chinese, etc.) is dominating the menu and choose if you like that cuisine.

Choose lunch over dinner: Almost every buffet restaurant you attend will charge a different price for lunch and dinner. The cost typically increases for dinners even though the menu is almost the same. 

Moreover, a dinner buffet can sometimes be overwhelming, and you might feel bloated before sleeping at night. Instead, eat lunch buffet to continue to burn those calories throughout the rest of the day.

Don't starve before going: Most people skip meals all day long before visiting a buffet. That is not what you should be doing. If you go longer than a few hours without eating, your stomach will shrink, making it harder for you to eat as much as you would like to. 

Eat smaller, lighter meals throughout the day to maintain a healthy metabolism. Besides, Make sure to drink water throughout the day before you attend because your body needs to be well-hydrated to help you metabolise everything you ingest. 

Wear relaxed clothing: It is useless to arrive in tight jeans that you can't even breathe—or clothes that reveal your big tummy after eating. So, try putting on loose-fitting clothes so you can eat without discomfort.

Launch light: Although it may seem like a waste to fill up your stomach with things like soup or salad, these foods will really get your body ready for the food that will come next. 

However, soup and salad are quite simple for your stomach to handle due to their high water content. Consider it a warm-up. Avoid starting your meal with a lot of carbohydrates like rice, pasta, and roti.

Pick your favourites first: It's not a good idea to eat a lot of food you don't like and then feel so full you can't try anything that did grab your attention. To prevent this, try additional dishes if you still have room after finishing what you want to eat. 

Try the expensive food selections: If any dishes use more expensive ingredients, explore and dig in to get your money's worth. Focusing on protein instead of carbohydrates, King prawns or salmon, frequently the most costly items on restaurant menus, are two good examples. 

Even more expensive treats are meat zones if you're not a fan of seafood. Restaurant owners set a trap by putting expensive items in the last row. Don't fall for it.

Take small portions: Fill your plate with a little bit of everything on the menu rather than focusing entirely on one dish that seems delicious. Variety encourages you to eat more by preventing flavour boredom. You can try more dishes in this way without getting bloated. 

Remember that they usually put the most exclusive food on display in smaller quantities to get you to take less. Worry less because there will be more in the kitchens!

Also, after having less portion of each item, you'll know which one to go for more.

Use several plates: For the best meal planning, utilise a variety of plates and use elegance. You surely don't want that one food item gets mixed with another. Consider using separate plates for hot and cold meals and different cuisines. 

Also, don't hesitate to stack those plates as high as you like because there is a trap for you by restaurant owners, as some restaurants use plates extremely heavy and tiny to discourage you from putting too much food on your dish. 

Take a break from heavy food: If you've been eating many savoury foods and feel a little nauseous, try eating a small square of dark chocolate or some dessert. 

Even a small amount of sugar will help to regulate your blood sugar levels and boost you up for the following rounds. Besides, try to consume salads in between fatty, heavy meals.

Avoid carbonated beverages: Drinks will fill you up while you're eating. So, try not to be downing excessive amounts of liquid. Avoid drinking anything fizzy at all costs because it will make you feel like you're going to burst.

Use lemons: During your meal, squeeze some lemon over your dish or into your beverage. The benefits of lemon include better digestion, less bloating, and relief from heartburn.

Try to sit away from the buffet table: You will have to walk more to get the food if you are seated distant from it. It will accelerate your digestion of the food. Furthermore, the scent of food will fade away. Because sometimes, a strong food smell can make you feel nauseous and eat less.

Move around: Try walking around the premises for a short time every 15 minutes. Your hunger will grow for the following round. However, staying still will make you feel lethargic and full.

Remember the dessert: Good buffet restaurants provide various tasty dessert options. It's your loss if you don't make it. 

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